• Francesco

Which style of Pizza??

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

A pizza is just a pizza, right? No. Not every pizza is the same. 

You can visit Italy, the birthplace of modern-day pizza itself, and still find many different interpretations of this classic meal. A pizza is called pizza in every part of Italy from the north to the south, but it is not the same pizza that will arrive on your plate in each location. Every region has its own interpretation! 

You'll find Neapolitan-style pizza with its soft crust. There's pizza in the classic style, pizza in the gourmet style, and the Roman style that is served by the slice. You'll find not only different textures but also different toppings and ways of presenting the dish. The important thing is that it is made with passion first. This is followed by the right techniques, knowledge, use of flour, and respect for the leavening process. 

As you make the decision about what kind of pizza you would like to make, you have many different options available to you for inspiration.

There is no right or wrong style of pizza. What you make will depend on the equipment you have, the time you have available, the temperature you use, and—of course—your own taste preferences. From there, you can choose the right flour to use, how much water to use, the correct yeast, etc. Each choice you make will change the final product slightly. 

On my website, I have dedicated a section of recipes to explaining the differences in flours, yeasts, how to make different kinds of dough, and how to use all the different kinds of ovens from professional to the home oven. I also offer lots of different toppings to amaze your friends and customers. 

A pizza is not just a pizza, but once you have the knowledge, you can make a pizza that is uniquely your own. 

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